2016: What lessons will you teach me?

Hello, 2016. What will you be like? Thus far you have been nice and gentle, like a slow easy stretch. In my gut I know you will be busy, but then aren’t all years that way in hindsight?

Did I tell you already that 2015 felt very much like many of those poses I tried in my first yoga class before? Because I was far from being flexible and it was a challenge to even just reach my toes with my fingertips, I had to work at it. With every stretch I had to surrender to the pain, the discomfort, to all that my mind was predisposed to recognize as not nice.  The year that was felt very much like that — a constant stretching and surrendering to what I would like to bundle together and mildly call in hindsight “life’s surprises.” It is so true that attitude is very important. And that refraining from labeling what I feel can be so liberating. Feelings are just that: feelings. Emotions, too. They do not have to be bad, or good, they are just that — something you feel, but one more thing to deal with (in a series of many) before the sun goes down.

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