A crazy, beautiful weekend

Most weekends will roll by lazily, bestowing on you the gift(s) of 1) staying in bed longer; 2) lounging at home in your pajamas; 3) eating burger upon burger all day, and after that, some cake smothered with ice cream, OR maybe pork barbecue dipped in native vinegar, eaten with endless cups of rice — basically just lots of whatever you crave when you wake up; 4) a long nap in the afternoon; and 5) upon waking up, more of 1,2,3 and 4.

But last weekend was not like most weekends. Not in the lazy way we wish most weekends to be. It was crazy, beautiful, frenetic, real, happy all throughout. Nursing the flu, I hydrated myself and, with a prayer, plunged into it full-on. The highlight was a beautiful wedding, the kind where the groom looks lovingly into the eyes of his bride, where lovely and thoughtful details abounded, where the wedding guests were happy as can be — to be there, to be with each other, to be part of something beautiful and sweet.

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