A delightful dozen (things you have to check out)

1Repetto. As time goes by I just find more and more reasons to love Repetto. Comfort is beyond compare and even if I practically live in them they still look brand new! I love the patent ballerinas and I never, ever travel without them. I don’t think I will find another brand that will provide the same kind of comfort that a Repetto can give.

2The Clarisonic Pro —a professional-caliber sonic skincare that removes makeup six times better than if you were to cleanse by hand. Among the many benefits you can get from its use: clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size, cleanses skin so well that skincare products are absorbed better, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces oily areas, dry patches and blemishes. I find that it cleanses gently yet thoroughly and you can enjoy daily that level of cleansing that once upon a time could only be had when you visited your dermatologist. Well, that comes as no surprise really, because Clarisonic is the one used by leading dermatologists. The Clarisonic Pro also comes with a bigger brush head that you can use for the neck, arms and chest, any area that needs extra attention every now and then. Thank you, Dr. Vicki Belo, for this super gift!

3The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo. I walked into The Body Shop with a friend of mine one day and she bought every single bottle of this in their stock! She says she has tried so many but none worked as well at addressing flakes as this one. Turns out it is one of The Body Shop’s bestsellers, and with good reason, too. Another classic that I will never tire of is their olive mist. I love how it scents the skin in a subtle yet truly classy way.

4Dior Snow White Reveal Pure Transparency Makeup. I love how this makes the skin glow, like you are lit from within. The powder is so fine it does not cake. Although perfect to set foundation for red-carpet or formal events, this works equally wonderful for no-makeup days when you want to just look polished but not exactly made up.

5Ombracio is the pillow from Tempur that is perfect especially for people like me who love to sleep on their stomach. It’s shaped like a butterfly of sorts and although it is soft as a cloud it gives support so you do not end up with pain and tightness anywhere in the neck area. It is especially wonderful when you are enjoying a massage because even facedown on it, the material used will allow you to breathe easy. It also works well as a pillow you can hug when you sleep on your side. Other Tempur pillows to love (aside from the classic): The Bed Wedge (perfect for reading in bed, and if I were a new mom I would love to use it for breastfeeding, and if I were to go on a DVD marathon it would keep me comfortable for hours!); The Travel Neck Pillow (this is indispensable especially for those who travel a lot, whether by plane or by car this will make naps ultra possible and comfortable; The Long Hug (besides being used as the name suggests, it can replace the need for two pillows on a double bed because of its length and can even be used by two people instead of separate pillows. Tempur is available at lower ground, Greenbelt 5; B5-911 Bonifacio High Street and Level 5 EDSA Shangri-la Mall.

6Carved jade earrings from Jul B. Dizon Jewellery Salon. Oh, this is love. They say jade brings luck. I am far from superstitious but I like how that sounds. If that triggers a mindset that makes you expectant of good things to come, then why not? Oh, they say too that it is especially auspicious when it is given (although there are no rules about buying them for yourself). Time was when jade just came in the shape of Buddhas or geometric shapes. Jul B. Dizon has a gorgeous collection of carved jade pieces set beautifully into fine jewelry. There is white jade, lavender jade, green jade, who knows what other colors there are. Green jade is just gorgeous, not to mention green is the color of the fashion world at the moment. If you were to add an accessory to our collection right now, perhaps this should be the one!

8Tables. Oh, so many beautiful ones I have seen lately. I have a love affair with tables and some really gorgeous ones are available at Dimensione and the newly opened MDF at Bonifacio Global City. There are slim ones and wide ones, depending on what you need them for. While you’re at it, check out the sleek bookshelves too. MDF has beautiful ones that will take your breath away!

Ramen. Of the many I have tried I seem to really like the one from UCC best. I especially like their Tonkotsu Shiyo and Tantanmen best and there was a time that I was ordering it for take-out every day; they didn’t need to ask for my name anymore when I called. I must be half-made of Ramen from UCC by now at the rate I have been going.

10 Emi Jorge, who has wonderfully celebrated and embraced Filipino craftsmanship in a collection of clutches. I am in love with them because not only are they beautiful and finely detailed, they are proudly made by Filipino artisans. Although the brand enjoys a following abroad through Couturelab and Shoplatitude (both online), it is locally available at Cura V, a delightful shop at Rockwell Mall.

11Crack Pies by Vanessa Lagman Ledesma of Red Hot Oven. This is reminiscent of New York’s famous dessert from the Momofuku Milk Bar, called so because it is very addicting. Even if this dessert is essentially American-inspired, Vanessa likes using Pinoy ingredients like pilicalamansi and coconut. This dessert aims to please and is a sure hit in any dessert table! The 9-inch Classic Crack pie is P700; 9-inch Peanut butter Crack Pie, Coconut Crack Pie and Pili Crack Pie are P750 each. The Calamansi Pie is P600 and Piling-Pie (Honey Pili Pie) is P650. The Red Hot Oven is set to open shop summertime yet but it’s been a best-kept secret for over a year now. Call or text 0917-8194700 or 0918-9624700, two days lead time, for pickup only at Magallanes Village.

12 White Cake from Costa Brava. This is actually plain white chiffon cake with buttercream frosting, the kind of good stuff that birthday cakes of yore were made of, and I have been to parties where this classic in particular is perfectly and wonderfully decorated with little else but fresh berries, the blues and reds lounging like jewels on top of the white frosting. Oh, it is deceptively light and so delicious you will always end up eating more than just a big, fat slice or two. Call 896-1267 for orders. This, too, is a sure winner always.


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