A week that is gentle and full

Today, I am captivated by the child I cradle in my arms. She is sleeping, and gently smiles a secret smile every now and then, as if someone is playing with her. I wonder what dreams she has. I envy the peace she is embraced with. To some degree, and on certain days most especially (like today), I miss my childhood — way back when life was so much simpler than life now could ever be. How lovely to be a child.

This year has been beautiful, summarily. Yes, even with the tough stretches factored in: it is all good. I will not complain. Sometimes I sigh under the weight of the day’s problems, and  I look up heavenward for rescue. I thank my mom and Lola Carmen for teaching me to pray. How much darker the problematic days would be if I did not have God to run to. He is all and is in all. May I be granted the grace of childlike faith, no matter how grown-up I am, no matter how harsh the world and people can get.

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