As a neophyte, what do you hope to achieve in Congress?

They are neophyte congres-sional representatives and they come from different disciplines — from sports to showbiz to academe and government service. We put our hopes on them for a better tomorrow, and here’s how they want to make a difference.

Rep. Luigi Romualdez Quisumbing, 6th District, Cebu City

I hope to provide an upgrade in our health and educational standards so that the residents of the 6th District of Cebu are equipped with every tool that they need to seize the opportunities to provide for a better future for their families as they come. We have to upgrade our public hospitals and provide quality, affordable education through the state college system.

Rep. Monique Lagdameo, 1st District, Makati

I would like to be part of the change within that will give its image a complete turn around. In my opinion, this can be done by simply focusing on good governance. Second, I am hoping that we are able to give ample attention to our environment. Lives are lost when it is either too hot or when typhoons come unexpectedly in certain areas of our country. For the district, I would like to find livelihood opportunities, provide additional preventive healthcare programs and higher-education study grants.

Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez,  4th District, Leyte

Rep. Manny Pacquiao, one district, Sarangani

I want to be able to deliver to my constituents the projects and services that will help alleviate the poverty of Sarangani.

Rep. Lani Mercado-Revilla, 2nd District, Cavite

As the 1st Representative of the lone district of Bacoor I would like to live up to my campaign promise, which is: “Lungsod Ating Nais Ipaglaban.” Thus, when the 15th congress opened on July 1 the first bill I filed was the conversion of the Municipality of Bacoor to a city. This is because Bacoor has sufficiently met the requisites for cityhood, namely: the 250,000 population and the P200 million income. It is imperative that Bacoor be transformed into a city because the municipality can no longer meet the demands of its growing population which was pegged at 600,000 during the last 2007 census.As the first woman representative of Cavite, I am also pushing for measures that will provide more opportunities to advance the plight of women in the country.

Rep. Rachel “QT” del Mar, 1st District, Cebu City

My district is an accurate representation of the country. I serve a constituency of those who have and those who have very little. My goal is that through initiatives, both local and national, I can provide opportunities to narrow the gap.

Rep. Tom Apacible, 1st District, Batangas

In the three years of my term, to participate actively in the enactment of needed legislation and review of existing laws that will push forward the national agenda of P-Noy. For my constituents in the first district of Batangas, my focus would be to uplift the agricultural and tourism sectors, build and improve farm-to-market roads, provide affordable and stable electricity to all households and investors’ industries and to strengthen the barangays, which are the frontliners of government and private sector initiatives in the grassroots delivery of basic public service.

Rep. Miro Quimbo, 2nd District, Marikina

I hope to have significant impact in solving the decades-old housing problem in our country. In the almost 10 years that I was the president/CEO of the Pag-IBIG Fund, I saw firsthand how our existing laws have become an obstacle to the development of the housing industry. These laws need to be changed immediately.

For starters, we should allow home loan borrowers to use their monthly housing amortizations as tax-deductible expenses. Second, we need to provide fresh funds to the Community Mortgage Program — the most important government-housing program for the informal sector in the country. Third, we need a national land use plan that will map out the country’s land resources and guide our investors where they can put their money in. Unless the laws are changed, we will not be able to provide an attractive climate for the private sector to invest in housing. Government cannot lick the problem alone.

Rep. Angelo Palmones, Agham Partylist

1. Support for bigger budget for research and development (R&D).

2. Increase scholarship funds for the sciences, mathematics and engineering including medical/health sciences. We have likewise started the move for the development of the curriculum in BS Meteorology.

3. Support to sustainable development especially the environment, water, watersheds and climate change initiatives. We should rehabilitate about 500,000 hectares of watersheds for they are the ones that sustain our water supply. Our agriculture, industry and energy will not succeed without sufficient supply of water that comes from our watersheds.

Rep. Anthony R.T. Golez Jr., MD, MBAH, lone district, Bacolod City

I would like to summarize my advocacy through HOPE — healthcare, opportunities, public infrastructure and education. I come from the field of public health and used to work for the Department of Health years ago. Now, being a lawmaker, I would like to institutionalize the many programs that made a valuable contribution to the country’s health sector reform. First, I want to file a bill that would make sure all Filipinos are given free or subsidized health insurance, encompassing the informal sector like the ordinary jeepney/tricycle/pedicab drivers, carpenters, sidewalk/market vendors, barangay health/nutritional/daycare workers and the unemployed. Secondly, I would like to file a bill that will create a Department of Migration. Thirdly, I would like to strengthen and modernize the regional hospitals in the country, while also working on the primary healthcare facilities of the local government units in order to decongest patients from the tertiary hospital and make the entire healthcare system more responsive to the needs of our people.

Rep. Emy Calixto, lone district, Pasay City

During the campaign I concentrated on health, education and livelihood. I would like to see the creation of a National Students Loam Board where underprivileged students can get a loan to pursue undergraduate degree courses. My other concerns are the improvement of health centers in terms of medicines and equipment specially those far from the city or provincial hospitals; the issuance of Philhealth cards to more underpriveledged people; more medicines, supplies and equipment for our Pasay City General Hospital; the promotion or upgrade of the Phil. School of Civil Aeronautics into a university which is located in Pasay; more livelihood and job opportunities and school supplies for students of public elementary and high schools. These are some things that I hope to achieve.


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