Asia’s Most Stylish Lucy Torres-Gomez On Leading A Charmed Life

Asia's Most Stylish Lucy Torres-Gomez On Leading A Charmed Life
By MJ Jose

Beauty, brains, a good heart, and a loving family—this television personality, politician, and the Philippine Tatler’s choice for Asia’s Most Stylish certainly has it all
Joining the glamourous world of show business was never a dream for Representative Lucy Torres- Gomez; neither was entering the political arena.

“My dreams have always been very simple: to be a good wife and mother, and to build a happy home for my family,” she says with affection. But fate seemed to have surprises aplenty—and none of the unkind variety—in store for this television personality turned public servant, whose genteel manner and kind words truly amplify her beauty.

As a young girl, she never thought to shape her future around a specific plan (“I liken the circumstances of my life to the idea of jumping off a plane and just reading the manual on the way down!”), but pictured a quiet life for herself, one away from any sort of spotlight. Then, she met and married the man of her dreams—one who was very much in the public eye—and everything changed.


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