Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez convened with local executives

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez convened with local executives today including Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez and six (6) town mayors to discuss mechanisms in easing movements along intra-district boundaries (boundaries shared by towns within 4th District of Leyte).

This is in a shared goal to mitigate the economic impacts of stringent border control measures implemented by all local governments within the legislative district. Ormoc City is the commercial, academic and transportation hub, but its economy shares the negative impacts with the surrounding towns due to measures to control potential COVID-19 community transmission. A considerable portion of its population works in relatively industrialized towns such as Isabel which houses Leyte Industrial Development Estate (LIDE) and Kananga with a geothermal power generation field. Palompon, also an academic center is an alternate entry point with a busy port with pre-COVID passenger voyages to and from Cebu. Palompon and Albuera are rich fishing towns which supply products to this part of Leyte. Smaller towns such as Merida and Matag-ob are agricultural towns whose outputs also contribute to food security within the district. With improved mobility of people within the district, local governments will work hand‐in‐hand as one larger community with a common end of maintaining zero‐COVID cases.

With this move, the labor force from the surrounding towns is the winner. Employment of most establishments and businesses rely on workers from the surrounding municipalities.

The population of Ormoc is measured to be more than two hundred thousand (2015), but previous estimates report that at most, the daytime population of the city reaches to almost a million being a commercial center with one of the most business registrations in the region and an academic center with numerous colleges and universities.

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