Gentlemen prefer Randy Ortiz

Getting these three men — Ogie Alcasid, John Estrada and my hubby, Richard Gomez — to sit down together at one time with their busy schedules is a near impossibility. But this fashion shoot, sporting Randy Ortiz’s creations, was an exception.

It’s all to help celebrate Randy’s gala show tomorrow night, his first in 10 long years, to be held at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.

Modeling Randy’s clothes will be John, Richard, Diether Ocampo, Dingdong Dantes and Bea Alonzo. Sitting with me in the audience will be Ogie and my friend Kris Aquino. Randy has said that I’m his “muse,” so I hope I can help inspire him to put on a great fashion show tomorrow.

These three gentlemen — Richard, John and Ogie — have marked many milestones in their respective careers, and not just a few of them were lived out wearing the fashion creations of Randy Ortiz. I spoke with them about Randy and many other things — inspiration, friendship, and yes, fashion. Here’s what they said.

What inspires you?

RICHARD GOMEZ: My dreams. You. Watching our daughter grow up and seeing how some of our traits are in her. It makes me happy.

JOHN ESTRADA: Cars. You work hard just to have nice ones.

OGIE ALCASID: Passionate people, talented people who make use of their God-given gifts.

Tell me an anecdote about Randy that you remember with fondness.

RICHARD: Randy was one of the first ones to meet you. Remember? We were on the Harley Davidson and we were going around Greenhills?

JOHN: When he cried to me because he had just broken up with his boyfriend.

OGIE: I always tease him about his love life and his supposedly nonexistent sex life.

What is your favorite Randy O outfit?

RICHARD: I am very comfortable wearing Randy’s tailored shirts and suits. He makes very nice suits, his pants fit very well.

JOHN: Everything.

OGIE: The gray suit he made for me that I recently wore to the Celebrity Duets pictorial.

Describe Randy as a friend.

RICHARD: You almost always see him in a happy and jolly mood, even when he is stressed or harassed.

JOHN: Very caring. Like a mother.

OGIE: Very funny, fun-loving, caring, sweet, and humble.

What is the design process like between you and Randy? Is it a collabo-ration? Or is it just a happy surprise, meaning you allow him a free hand?

RICHARD: He will ask what you have in mind and he will also suggest what he thinks would suit your style or what he thinks is the current trend.

JOHN: I let him take care of it.

OGIE: I allow him to have a free hand and I am always pleasantly amazed by the finished product.

What is his strength as a designer?

RICHARD: He is innovative and is not afraid to try incorporating details in his designs. He is also very well-liked.

JOHN: How he mixes and matches patterns.
OGIE: Originality and his trademark look.

What will you never wear?

RICHARD: Never, ever: baggy pants na baston pa!
JOHN: Turtleneck!
OGIE: Nothing. I will wear anything.

What is your personal style and how does Randy’s trademark touch enhance that?

RICHARD: Rugged. But when I want or need to dress up, I really dress up and go the whole nine yards. Details. I like the way he pays attention to details.

JOHN: Rugged. His shirts can go from formal to rugged.

OGIE: Casual, comfortable, classic. Randy understands me well. He never disappoints.

What is the best part of the work you do?

RICHARD: The nature of my job allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds: my schedule is fluid and dynamic and that allows me to pursue my other interests like cooking and photography, and also to do my sports. More importantly, I get to spend quality time with family and experience the joys of Juliana’s growing years.

JOHN: You don’t have to fall in line all the time.
OGIE: People appreciate the person and the craft.

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday?

RICHARD: Cook from scratch for family and friends.
JOHN: Golf and church with my kids.
OGIE: Doing nothing.

What were you doing earlier, right before you headed for the shoot?

RICHARD: I came from a baseball game.

JOHN: I went to church and prayed that the shoot would not push through.

OGIE: I went to the gym.

Where are you going from here?

RICHARD: To Ben Chan’s surprise birthday dinner.
JOHN: Goma’s house.

OGIE: Home. Reg and I haven’t seen very much of each other, we’ve both been very busy with work.

What is your idea of a perfect Zen moment? Or what do you do to relax and get into a Zen mode?

RICHARD: When I’m very focused on my game or when I’m acting out a role during a shoot; I do not hear the cheering of the crowd or noises on the set when I am in that mode.

JOHN: Looking at old pictures of my kids, family and friends.

OGIE: I play the piano.

On a rainy day, what would you most likely do?

RICHARD: I love driving on a rainy day.
JOHN: (Laughs) I don’t know…
OGIE: Sleep. Maybe.

What’s your weirdest food quirk/pleasure:

RICHARD: The first time I tried eating Century Tuna and Sky Flakes broken down into small pieces. At first it was kinda weird to see it served that way during a drinking session with friends by the side street. But while eating the concoction, the crispiness of the cracker complemented the spiciness of the tuna very well. It tasted even better with a dash of calamansi.

JOHN: Sinigang with chocolate cake.
OGIE: Rice with chocolate from Batangas.

What can you cook?

RICHARD: It depends on what is available in the pantry or in the refrigerator.

JOHN: (No answer)
OGIE: Japanese noodles. Ramen.

What are you craving right now?

RICHARD: Chocolates! Lots of chocolates, like Cadbury or Patchi or Lindt.

JOHN: Bolognese.
OGIE: Really delicious pasta.

If you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would that be?

RICHARD: Japan. It is my favorite destination.

JOHN: Venice. But if I don’t change soon, I might find myself in Hell!

OGIE: Sydney.

Your favorite drink?

RICHARD: Yogurt drink, Gatorade or 100 Plus.
JOHN: Iced tea.
OGIE: Water.

Given all your blessings, how would you like to “give back”?

RICHARD: I help quietly. I like putting kids through school.

JOHN: I have a foundation back home in Zamboanga.

OGIE: I do my best to help organizations that deal with children.

What’s the best style tip you learned from Randy?

RICHARD: Comfort and style must go hand in hand.
JOHN: You can wear a tux with sneakers.
OGIE: Always wear great-looking shoes.

How often do you wear a Randy O?

RICHARD: Often enough for him to be an easy favorite.
JOHN: Every week. Walang choice eh!
OGIE: Every Sunday.

Does being a celebrity affect the way you dress up, or your choice of clothes?

RICHARD: To a certain extent, yes. As a celebrity, people always expect to see you dressed fashionably.

JOHN: I just make sure I don’t look like a fashion victim!

OGIE: Yes, it does.

What do you like about where you are in your life right now?

RICHARD: I make my own decisions and I can take on bigger responsibilities.

JOHN: My kids and my friends and my nice girlfriend.

OGIE: Since I am in my 40s, I am enjoying the fruits of my hard work.

What do you have a lot of in your wardrobe?

RICHARD: Shirts, underwear and jeans.
JOHN: Shirts. And dust.
OGIE: Shirts. And jeans.

The most inexpensive item in your closet?

JOHN: Socks.
OGIE: I have a Coke watch.

Your biggest fashion pet peeve?

RICHARD: Baggy pants. When it was in fashion, I was also guilty of wearing them; but looking back, I never should have. And even if it comes back, I will never wear them again.

JOHN: People who wear bonnets in this country.
OGIE: Fashion victims.

What would you like to see women wear more often?

RICHARD: Nice, skimpy bikinis at the beach.
John: Mini skirts.
Ogie: Skirts and nice tops.

How would you size up the local showbiz scene, fashion-wise?

RICHARD: More and more celebrities are learning to invest in quality clothes.

JOHN: Okay lang… Pwede…

OGIE: Most everybody seems to be trendy and makes an effort to look good.

What’s Randy’s most endearing trait?

RICHARD: He always has a ready smile.
JOHN: His hair.
OGIE: He has a good heart.

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