Gomez suspends export of Ormoc’s sand, gravel

ORMOC CITY , Philippines – Mayor Richard Gomez has suspended the exportation of this city’s sand and gravel due to damage it caused on local rivers and the environment.

Gomez suspends export of Ormoc’s sand, gravel
Gomez suspends export of Ormoc’s sand, gravel

The city is a major source of Class A sand and gravel for the country’s construction sector. It exports an estimated 15,000 tons per week.

Gomez signed an executive order this week, suspending all new applications and renewal of sand and gravel quarry permits as well as transport of such outside the city.

He directed local officials to rehabilitate quarry sites with existing permits.

Gomez recently met with quarry operators and urged them to be responsible and comply with the law.

He said quarry sites found violating the order would be shutdown or their permits cancelled.

The order will take effect on Monday, according to Rafael Dumalan, city environment officer.

Dumalan said copies of the EO will be sent to sand and gravel quarry operators.

Earlier, Gomez prohibited quarry operations and its related activities during weekends and holidays to give residents of surrounding communities relief from noise and dusts brought by the grinding of boulders and stones. 

Source: https://www.philstar.com/nation/2020/02/28/1996653/gomez-suspends-export-ormocs-sand-gravel?fbclid=IwAR2AWZBXy_Afu_yEXvNSvr5pl0HYOscUzNxJta4XoxerPgKxkYWxscNKFJI

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