Is there really a ghost month?

Is there really such a thing as a ghost month? That time of year that the Chinese believe is not very ideal to travel, or start a business, get married, move houses, pretty much do anything big and significant, especially if it is a beginning? The explanation is that during this period the spirits are so restless so a lot of untoward things can happen because we are not supposed to disturb them. Construction is especially irritating, I am told further, as the noise stirs and agitates them.

August was busy, as most mid-months always are, I guess, but it was also a bit too sad. Many people were feeling under the weather, some good men passed on, and on the professional front, some generous opportunities just went “pffft.” Just like that. But then you sit in the still of the night, with just your musings and thoughts for company, and when you count your blessings, they abound in many shapes and forms still, far outnumbering the sum of all your sorrows. So for that, thank you, God. And for a bit of added good news, too, this ghost month and all it represents literally and figuratively, should be over soon and the world should be all the better for it. Alleluia!

What is there to look forward to? Well, there is always Christmas. I love listening to Christmas songs this early. Every beat tinkles with happiness, veiling all that is with a softness that reminds us all ever so gently how much good there still is, if we can just be mindful of it. No, I have not done any major Christmas shopping yet but I am looking forward to it, as I do every year. And even before and beyond Christmas, I am looking forward to many other good things that involve time spent with family and friends, making wonderful memories that I can relive when I am 85 and my days are spent reading books and working with my hands (I may then be either knitting, or painting, or crocheting the days away).

Someone once asked me if I worried about anything. Of course I do. More than I legally should. I was born already wearing a worry hat, but I’ve been thus far able to manage that. I would like to think I am getting better and better at it. It is a mind thing, mainly. It begins with acknowledging how little we can actually control against how great a God we have. If I gave credence to every anxious thought then I would never ride a plane because it can fall from the sky, the dinosaurs will wake up from a deep slumber to tromp all over the earth, the sun will burn us in no time at all, and every raindrop will lead to a flood. I do not want to live life in fear. No one should live life that way.

And so hope springs eternal. And in gentle but persistent ways, we pray and hope for the best, always. And we continue to reinforce our faith and believe in an infinite God who makes all things beautiful in His time.

Hello, September. Once the ghost month is over, I know the best is yet to come.


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