It’s hard to be an adult

I watched Beauty and the Beast and cried a small river of tears. No, truth be told, I was sobbing. The husband and the child were laughing at me, this grownup, crying helplessly over what was a happy ending no less. How’s that for confusing?

It’s hard to be an adult. When life has not scarred you yet, when you did not yet have battles to win, dragons to slay, humps to get over, you can watch any movie and maybe walk away from the experience in one piece. I saw Beauty and the Beast when I was in college, and I loved it just as much. But it did not make me cry. I watched it during our honeymoon in London, and I took home the playbill plus Lumiere (the stuffed toy version) that I still have to this day. I’ve placed him on a shelf, leaning against some books and always, he/it makes me smile, making half of me want to break out in Disney song.

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