Many shades of wonderful

It’s February, and I have been away from this space for way too long, because… well, life happens. And to think all those months I had many little stories to tell. I just did not have the time to sit down and write them and share them with you. Or maybe I did not make more of an effort to make time. Exactly why, I do not know. I had, in fact, dreamed of many mornings when I would wake up and paddle down to the poolside where, under our beautiful mango tree, I would write on my laptop. I wanted to be under the morning light, beads of sweat here and there, maybe on my face and shoulders, but yes, the thought of being productive and having quiet time under the sunlight made for quite a happy thought. I want/need to make friends with the sun more this year, and that is part of a continuing and conscious effort that includes going to bed earlier than I ever have over the past few decades — no, actually, make that over the past forever.

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