My foodie wish list

(Editor’s note: Why are we publishing Lucy Torres-Gomez’s foodie list today, which is Fashion & Beauty day? Truth is, it should have come out last Sunday but due to some weird circumstances, her column didn’t reach us. We decided to put it out tomorrow, which is Food & Leisure day. But then the phones kept ringing, and readers kept asking for Lucy’s annual Christmas list. The major complaint came from Kris Aquino, who insisted it should come out soonest, to give her time to place her Christmas orders. So there.)

For such wonderful things as milk and sugar and butter and eggs, the age-old recipes that gently pass from family to family, and the gift of family and friends to share them with, we thank you, dear God. May we all find it in ourselves to celebrate the season with joy in our eyes, love in our hearts and, of course, food on the table and in the stomach.

Happy holidays, everyone! Here’s my Christmas (and all-year-round) list of favorite food items. You’ll find your old favorites, plus some new ones that you will soon find are definitely for keeps, too.  I’ve categorized them in the hope that it will not overwhelm you as it did me while I was working on it, as you skip from name to name, flavor to flavor, dream to dream. These are treats sure to delight everyone on your Christmas list. If any of these needs to be frozen or refrigerated, please remember to put a note and post it conspicuously on the package.

Bon appetit!

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