On a banana carrot cake and an IG post

Throwback to that one evening when Juliana and I baked 4 loaves of banana-carrot cake, after a swim. We used the recipe of Lola Apyang, the Yaya of my Dad, she who was always in a long dress, her hair up in a bun. We all loved her. She taught me how to eat Maggi noodles with rice, gave me crisp 5-peso bills, and always bought me Mongol pencils. Her trademark pasalubong whenever she visited was her yummy banana cake. This is a take on that recipe, we added carrots because we juice everyday and I wanted to make use of the pulp. Turned out really yummy. Lola Apyang has since passed but her memory lives on in our heart of hearts.🌺🌺🌺 P.S. Please excuse the mess on Juliana’s shirt, my fault, I splashed something while we were mixing the batter.😁

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I posted this on my Instagram page a week ago.

When I was a new bride, I was given this book with thick, brown blank pages — it is hardbound in black and white checkered print, plain black fabric on the spine, a photo of a teddy bear on the hard cover. I designated it as my very own recipe book. Now, 17 years into my marriage, the book is almost full, save for a few pages. It is heaving with recipes — some handwritten, a lot of other clippings from magazines and newspapers, a few of them special handwritten ones passed on and generously shared with me by dear family and friends. There are leaflets, too, from various cooking classes I attended. The only recipes that make it to this special book are those that have been tried and tested, and as such, treasured.

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