On cleaning, pruning, letting go

The only way, really, is for me to do it every day. Like a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, a marriage — this, too, is something best taken on regularly, in regular doses, a constant (and mindful) must-do.

I am talking about cleaning, pruning, letting go. There is the emotional aspect, but the one I speak of is the physical kind — specifically, letting go of things that have accumulated here and there through the years. In this realm I’ve dealt with quite a handful: porcelain sets and home items bought on a whim (maybe it was at a clearance sale, or I felt like rewarding myself after a happy project); beautiful dresses, yes, but hardly ever worn, just hanging in the closet, waiting for the right occasion; unopened palettes of makeup and brand-new tubes of lipstick; handbags once used; wallets (how many do we need, really?); jewelry and accessories that no longer resonate with me.

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