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I would like to thank everyone that e-mailed me after last Sunday’s article, expressing interest in and support for “6200:  The Mission Possible Project.”  I am overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of kindness and generosity, and am all the more inspired and committed to see this through. All will be as it should be, in God’s beautiful plan and time.

I am sharing herewith a brief on how to donate a fishing boat.  This project is part of an entire integrated program that will benefit the interests of the fishing sector on many different levels, the details of which I will share in due time.  For now, let me thank all of you for beautifully and wonderfully supporting the cause.

On behalf of the fishermen that I represent from the Fourth District of Leyte I thank you, most deeply, for the gift of your kindness.

We are very grateful.  And we will not forget.

Specifications of the motorized fishing boat

The Body

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100 percent fiberglass hull with ISO Gelcoat for longevity

Finished fiberglass hull will have provision for engine mounting, propeller, rudder, and outrigger.


Length overall    :     18 feet

Width                      :     2 feet

Depth                      :     23 inches


1 pc.   stainless shaft

1 pc.   brass pipe

1 pc.   universal cross joint

1 pc.   stainless cross joint

1 pc.   stainless rudder assembly

1 pc.   stainless propeller

The Engine

Honda GX200 Mega Marine 6.5 horsepower


Why choose a fiberglass fishing boat over a wooden boat?

Faster product turnaround time

Lightweight and fuel-efficient

Low repair and maintenance costs

Long lifespan (a fiberglass boat can last beyond 15-20 years)


Faster and easier to repair

What is the cost of a motorized fishing boat?

Ordinarily, a fiberglass fishing boat would be more expensive but given that these are for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, the manufacturer of the fiberglass hull has given us a special price.


Finished fiberglass hull                         (discounted from P17,000)


Honda GX200 Mega Marine 6.5 hp                                      P15,000

Accessories, paint and artwork labor                                 P4,000



*Please note that the quoted price will drop by about P9,000 if a brand of engine that is Made in China is used (from P34,000 to 26,000).  The Honda motor is recommended by fishermen, though, because of its durability.

Production speed

One boat, per mold, per day.  We will be using 15 molds so that will give an output of 15 finished fiberglass hulls in one day.

Accountabiliy & transparency

All donations will be properly liquidated and accounted for.  We have set up a website especially for purposes of accountability and transparency.  There you will find a List of Donors, and also a List of Recipients.  The latter is supported by photo folders in the “Photos” link as we document all distribution activities.  The website is also our way of letting the donor/s easily monitor what happened to his/her donation.

Shipping cost

Only the engine and the accessories will incur shipping costs because the fiberglass hull will be made on site.  Shipping will be done by bulk for efficiency.

How to donate a fiberglass fishing boat

A deposit can be made directly to:

KIDS Foundation

Bank of the Philippine Islands

BPI Checking Account # 3931-0059-27

A gentle reminder:  Once deposit has been made, please do not forget to do the following:

1. E-mail or a copy of the deposit slip.

2. Include in the e-mail as well the color/s, name, logo you want for the boat you are donating.

An official receipt will be issued.

Thank you very much for your kindness. May God give it back to you a hundredfold


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