The skinny on celebrities’ beauty secrets

Dear Lucy,

What do celebrities use on their skin? On TV, their shoulders, bare arms, and legs look shimmery but not oily. What is the secret?


It’s no secret at all! What most personalities on TV do is first, slather on some lotion liberally, after which they dust on some glimmer powder lightly. Some opt to mix loose glimmer powder with lotion before applying it on their skin. Personally, I prefer the former. I use a light non-greasy lotion and then I use ArtDeco Glam Couture Powder Brush (available at Rustan’s Essenses). I love that it is a brush that already comes loaded with glimmer powder so it is ready to use anytime and it is not messy at all. You can even slip it in your bag for a quick touch-up.



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