Time to wake up

My love, wake up. I hear a herd of goats in our front yard.”

Richard is sound asleep. After all, it is 4:22 a.m., his birthday morning. The goats persist, louder this time.

“Honeeeeeeyyyyyy… Wake up! I don’t know how or why but there are goats in our front yard. I hear them…”

Oh, did I mention that prior to that I heard chickens? But then I would hear their “tuk-tu-Ka-ok” daily in our home in Ormoc, so nothing about that surprised me. But goats?! Why are there goats?! Then I heard the cows…. Oh, my. Cows, too?!? And lots of them, because the sound was solid. In our front yard! Someone was playing a joke on us. How could a farm suddenly be in our home, up a hill, in the city? Then the goats and cows started singing in unison, almost chorus-like. “Meeeeeeeeeeeeee, mooooooooo…” The chickens join in — “Tuktukaok” — all three kinds of animals together now.

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