Turn-Over of Off Carriageway, Barangay Valencia, Ormoc

Jan. 11, 2016 marked the Turn-Over of an Off Carriageway in Brgy. Valencia, Ormoc City.

This was a project of the DPWH in the 4th District of Leyte under Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez.

An Off-carriageway consists of areas in plan outside the carriageway (the inner edges of the outermost traffic lane markings) including edge lane markings, clearances, emergency lanes, sidewalks and safety barriers, all in the aid of road safety.

Present during the turnover ceremonies were Hon. Lucy Torres-Gomez herself, Hon. Bennet Pongos, Hon. Mayong Rodriquez, Atty. Ping Lucero, Dr. Goito Yraztorsa, Engr. Lito Cotiangco, and Engr. Lino Francisco Gonzales, District Engr. of  the DPWH.

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