What am I grateful for?

A lot, actually.  Maybe even for the fact that I am slowly but surely turning into one of those old-fashioned, sentimental ladies who smiles at trees and uses homemade natural potions. I do not know what it is about life as I find it now but there are days, like today, when I feel like I basically woke up suddenly more attentive to (and appreciative of) most everything I sort of took for granted, if only because they were always a given.

I do not speak of the big things, by the way; I am thinking more along the lines of waking up early enough to enjoy the way the morning sun casts almost cinematic shadows through our bedroom window; sitting down to enjoy fresh jackfruit that is actually sweet (I am not always lucky when it comes to jackfruit, so many of the ones we have bought turn out to belie their gorgeous golden yellow color and taste so bland!); finding good bread at a random bakeshop by the street at that point when you are hopelessly stuck in traffic and really hungry; perfectly cooked pork chop with plain rice to end the day; a delicious cake aptly named King Oscar (for those curious, this is available at The Peninsula Manila).


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