What do you want to be when you grow up?

My dreams varied back when I was a child, largely dependent on what age I was, who my afternoon playmates and friends were, what shows/movies I watched, the books I read, who I looked up to at any given time. I would run through a whole cascade of “one-day-I-want-to-be-a” scenarios — a manicurista, a nurse, a teacher, a lawyer, an interior designer, flight attendant, a singer with red lipstick on, a gymnast, a competitive Latin dancer, a librarian, the owner of a charming ice cream store — and all these in no particular order. A constant though was to have a happy, organized home, to be the lady of the house, to have linen cabinets to organize, a to-do list to tick off each day, a kitchen to run (little did I know then that cooking would not be one of my stronger points), a system to figure out — for cleaning, for buying groceries and going to the market, for decluttering, for scheduling chores and everything else in between. Yes, even back then it was very clear to me that I wanted to be a wife, a mother, a homekeeper.

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