What makes women feel beautiful?

I asked some of the most beautiful faces what their beauty secret is. That one thing (whether it is a product, a ritual, or a principle) that has the power to almost instantly make them feel beautiful, however their day went.

Their answers show that beauty is never really skin-deep. Be inspired to stay beautiful.

Gretchen Barretto — My beauty secret is counting my blessings. It allows me to see the beauty of life. When you have a positive outlook you allow the world to see your inner beauty.

Ruffa Gutierrez — My only beauty secret is to be positive and laugh my worries away! That is what keeps me young, radiant, and always fresh!

Georgina Wilson — Being in love and inspired!


Dawn Zulueta — Peace of mind. For as long as I know my life, relationships and all obligations are in order, then I can rest well.

Wilma Doesnt — Lotion all over my body and Lactacyd blue!

Sunshine Cruz Montano — I don’t really have any rituals or secrets. I just try to live a happy and healthy life and I try my best to avoid being stressed out and worrying. I think it really makes a person age. Having a positive outlook in life and being content with what you have and who you are, I guess, makes a person beautiful.

Zsa-Zsa Padilla — I think beauty has to start by simply having clean, clear skin. I never sleep with makeup on (unless I nap on the set while taping or shooting). I use Belo Pore Minimizing Face Wash every day and a toner after. I also love Pond’s Cold Cream and have been using it as my makeup remover ever since I started in showbiz 26 years ago. I moisturize day and night, which is a must for people my age. I use sunblock whenever I know I am going to be exposed to the sun. I never used moisturizers before putting on makeup but with the hormonal challenges that I’m going through now that I am 45 years old, I have noticed that it has made a big difference. I put lotion all over my body every day. I do not smoke or drink alcohol and I detox every six months. I work out religiously. Recently, I have been running/jogging/brisk walking on the track oval for an hour. Other days, I swim in the pool for 20 minutes (it gets boring). I go to Belo every week for multi polar treatments and every other week for facials. My body has been through some very tough hormonal challenges the past six months but I have been doing my best to eat right, get enough sleep, work out. I drink lots of water every day.

Karylle — For the longest time I believed that when someone says you’re beautiful you must say something like “Di naman po.” This is how the Dalagang Pilipina was taught to reply to compliments. I was wrong to believe that. I read in a self-help book that there is no shame in embracing your beauty by being gracious towards those who give you compliments. Beauty and the appreciation of it is something we must embrace for it to bloom more.

Chechel Joson — I have two beauty secrets: exercise and quality sleep. Regular exercise can slow down the process of aging, you feel so much better, healthier, lighter, never lethargic. Getting quality sleep is an instant beautifier, plus it helps control metabolism and weight, making the immune system healthy and my mood positive.


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