Yani and Ding

Cookies. I think I need to go down to the kitchen and bake cookies. I have not done that in so long, and some days, like today, I want nothing more than to steep in a space where, with a Martha Stewart recipe book in front of me, I can be assured that something perfectly simple and nice can be easy to come by.

That — baking, I mean — is but one on the list of many things that bring me solace, a list I am thankfully able to bring out when the day is hard. One day, I will share that list with you — there are constants, and there are variables, it is a way to be mindful of the many blessings that abound.

But tonight, as I write this, and right about now, I just need a promise that all will be well — for Yani’s three lovely girls, and the devoted husband she left behind, he who even till her last moments would go up to her sickbed, to say iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouikoveuou in rapid succession, as he always did when they were younger and she was still well and all was right in their world. In the same breath he would sing to her their theme song, The Nearness of You, as he always did — and, I suspect, as he still will many more times down the road, even without her by his side. It was heartbreaking to hear him tell that little part of their story, there at her wake, surrounded with flowers and the people who cared so much for her.

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